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The CMM colormatching module is the "engine" for color conversions in applications.

In Open Source applications, LittleCMS is the most used CMM. Other widely used CMMs are the AppleCMM in MacOSX, the AdobeCMM ( and the CMM delivered with Windows XP.

Open Source Implementations


License: GPL, with an exception to libicc and libcgats


License: MIT


License: newBSD (3 clauses)




License: modified ( new BSD ( (? with jurisdiction to California) ...


  • - The G of GTL means either Graphics or Generics, the T means Transformation and the L means Libraries or Languages. The C++ libraries are created by Cyrille Berger.

Currently the focus is on developing two languages, designed for two different implementations.

  • OpenCTL which is a GPL compatible of the Color Transformation Language, this language is dedicated at transforming the value of a single pixel (for instance Brightness adjustment or desaturate). CTL is designed to be part of the Color Management process.
  • OpenShiva is inspired by Adobe's Hydra language from the AIF Toolkit, Shiva is a language that apply a kernel-like transformations on an image, that means it works using more than one pixel.

License: LGPL


  • — complete color management solution geared towards motion picture production, partial ( ICC support (

License: newBSD (3 clauses) (



  • dispcalGUI ( a display profiler
  • Stefan's review ( of ArgyllCMSGUI, "Argyll CMS" and dispcalGUI : [09:57, 27 Aug 2008 (CEST)]
  • Gnome Color Manager ( is a CMS, but as well a front end to the ArgyllCMS profiler


LProf ( a scanner and display profiler

License: GPL



  • ImgTarget ( resembles a intelligent CMM in a GUI
  • ArgyllCMSGUI ( a GUI for some Argyll's command line tools
  • Argyll CMS ( a Argyll command line resampler
  • Stefan's review ( of ArgyllCMSGUI, "Argyll CMS" and dispcalGUI : [09:57, 27 Aug 2008 (CEST)]
  • GaMapICC ( is a Mac OS X droplet, which works like a intelligent CMM


  • IccXML ( a ICC <-> XML serialiser