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Hi Couldnt post this in the what users want section so here it is ;)

I thought this might be a good approach because:

  • colour system matches to established commercial printing inks,
  • trusted colour matching from the commercial printers' perspective.
  • colour system isnt widely used by designers so could gain opportunity by becoming an open source matching system.
  • ink colours in toyo range include some ink colours not available in other spot colour systems, would give open source designers an edge, new ink colours to work with.

What do you think folks? Would you like me to follow up with Toyo inks about open sourcing their colour finder system?


Lucychili, this place here is fine for such discussions. It is desireable to integrate a system into FOSS for selection of spot colours. The discussion among developers is mainly about files containing such information.

Serge Cashman :


As you may know I'm interested is practical application of CM in Linux. I'm new to Linux and have no interest in programming.

I would like to know how Oyranos fits in with LittleCMS. It appears that the majority of CM applications on Linux use LCMS as their CM backend. From Oyranos screenshot it looks like something more system-wide but in a way overlapping LCMS functionality.

The other question is how is the concept of "working space" is implemented in LCMS? I find it odd that in some application there seems to be no way to select anything that would correspond to my notion of working space.

Thanks in advance.


A CMM like Argyll or littleCMS does the hard work of interpreting ICC profiles and applying the colour transforms to pixels. They can do even more. They are useable in a pure way: feed them some profiles and say convert.

Oyranos is much like ColorSync and ICM. Its goal is to serve with the same facilities a OS needs to do colour transforms in a coordinated way. It does not necessarily do the hard work itself. One major toppic is to communicate settings across applications, like the ones in oyranos-config-fltk. Oyranos delivers many answers to which profiles with what arguments to feed to CMM's, like littleCMS.

The "working space", in Oyranos "editing colour space", is considered a uniformely working, well defined colour space. Oyranos has some of them included in its package. All CMM's work with those profile of course. A real filtering or installation is not yet implemented. Even though some ideas exist like here or evaluating, which was discussed on the OpenICC email list.